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Beaches, Lighthouses and Seafood: The Southern Oregon Coast Part 2

Wow, there is so much to see along the Oregon coast.  The state of Oregon has kept the entire coastline public.  No one can own any of it and if you have a business near it, you cannot restrict access.  The result is pristine natural coastlines.  Knowing Jennifer, she wanted to see it all, but there is just not enough time on this trip, so we decided to concentrate on the area around and south of where we were staying, Coos Bay, OR.

We figured a trip south to Gold Beach would be a great way to see the coastline.  All along this part of the coast are rocky shorelines, small coves with sand beaches, and more lighthouses.  There are so many stops and sights between here and there, we were lucky to make it down and back in just one day.


It was a sunny but windy day.  Temperatures were in the mid-50s.  We stopped at the Cape Blanco Lighthouse.  It is still an active lighthouse out at the end of the point.  We loved the views and got a chance to walk around the lighthouse.


We have been enjoying seafood at every opportunity and our latest was at The Crazy Norwegian in the town of Port Orford.  Kind of a bump in the road, but the fish and chips were to die for.  We are starting to get spoiled with the abundance of fresh seafood .


The south coast of Oregon is just so pristine with sandy beaches, large rocks and wide open spaces.  There are beaches in the coves, long and narrow beaches and just beaches everywhere!  Again, all of them protected and undeveloped.    There were so many little pull-overs and overlooks we just pulled in and absorbed the views.  Really there is no adequate narrative that can convey the beauty of the shoreline, so just enjoy the photos.




Next up: Sea Lions and Seals


2 thoughts on “Beaches, Lighthouses and Seafood: The Southern Oregon Coast Part 2

  • chapter3travels
    August 20, 2018 at 11:45 am

    Wow, this is great timing. We are in central Oregon now and we’re dealing with constant wildfire smoke. We’re heading to the coast in a couple weeks, so looking forward to these beautiful views and, more importantly, bright blue skies! Thanks for the tour. We’ll be heading straight down the coast, so we’ll be hitting a lot of these places. Can’t wait!

    • magnum108
      August 22, 2018 at 12:19 pm

      Just saw your post on Yellowstone. We are headed that way after spending time in Washington. Hope the smoke settles. Stay tuned for a couple more Oregon Coast posts that are in the works. Thanks for reading.

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