"It's a dangerous business, Frodo, going out your door. You step onto the road, and if you don't keep your feet, there's no knowing where you might be swept off to." Bilbo Baggins

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Winter 2020 Road Trip: Galveston

The final stop on our Gulf Coast Anniversary Adventure was Galveston, TX.  We had heard great things about the beaches and all the things to do there.  One last chance to get some white sand beach time and eat seafood.   An added bonus is our nephew and his girlfriend live nearby in Houston so we

Winter 2020 Road Trip:  Christmas in Texas

This year we’re out in the motorhome once again for a winter trip.  Now you may ask, why would someone who lives in Tucson even think about leaving in the winter?  Well, it is a good news story.  This is an odd-numbered year, so the boys are both spending Christmas with their wife’s respective families,

Family and Birthday – Midwest Trip Part 5

The other primary reason for our trip was to celebrate Jennifer’s Dad, Otis’s, 86th birthday. Otis and Judy live in the Rio Grande Valley in the far southern tip of Texas. Since we were already out in the motorhome and it takes as much time to come all the way home and then drive to Texas; we

Kansas City: Sophia – Midwest Trip Part 2

Part 2 of our Midwest trip was actually Reason #1: to see our granddaughter, Sophia.  Oh, and her parents as well J. We spent a wonderful week in the Kansas City area visiting, playing, snuggling and even some touring.   We had the added bonus of seeing our younger son, Matthew, and his wife, Sydney, there as

Rio Grande Valley: Texas Part 3

The whole reason for us to go to Texas was to see Jennifer’s Dad and Judy.  All our little diversions on the way there and on the way back were just that, side trips on the way to our true destination, the Rio Grande Valley. Those of you not familiar with the Valley, it is an

Greater LA area: SoCal Part 2

Much to our amazement, there is more to the LA area than just Harry Potter World.  While we were there; we got some local culture down in the murals district and visiting the Getty.  We ate at some local trendy restaurants and of course, we spent time walking the beach and setting foot in the

Universal Studios: SoCal Part 1

Where does a family full of Potterheads go for family vacation? To Harry Potter World of course!  We have already explored the Florida park, so we thought it high time to try the California version.  It was awesome.  Best of all was spending a long weekend with both sons and their wives. We wanted to