Iowa: Family and Friends – Midwest Trip Part 1

This summer we jumped in the motorhome and headed back to both the upper and lower Midwest for a month to visit family and friends. It has been almost two years since we left.  Of course, it was not just a spur of the moment trip, the entire visit was planned around visiting our new granddaughter, … Continue reading Iowa: Family and Friends – Midwest Trip Part 1

Hill Country: Texas Part 4

Our return trip home was all about wild flowers. We have heard all about the famous Texas Bluebonnets in the Hill Country of Texas.  So we made an easy detour to the Fredericksburg/Kerrville area off Interstate 10 and stayed a few days to see what we could see. We spent a few days in Fredericksburg … Continue reading Hill Country: Texas Part 4

Sabino Canyon- A Tucson Gem

The Santa Catalina Mountains on the north edge of Tucson provide the beauty and depth of perspective that frames the city.  They are both rugged and serene, lush and barren, and host to 5 separate ecosystem.  They are also host to magnificent canyons.  The most spectacular and popular of these is Sabino Canyon.  A gem of … Continue reading Sabino Canyon- A Tucson Gem