Stone Circles and Stone Villages: Our UK Adventure Part 3

The Cotswolds have always been one of our favorite areas of England.  Maybe it’s because it feels like home to us.  We lived just outside of Oxford years ago and the Cotswolds were our “local area”.   We had not been back since leaving 30 years ago and we hoped to rekindle the joy and warmth … Continue reading Stone Circles and Stone Villages: Our UK Adventure Part 3

Family Vacations

Every other year the past 10 years, we would escape the cold of the Midwest and head to the Florida Keys for a long weekend of sun, food, beaches, and hanging out.  But this year was a little different.  Since we had moved to Tucson and everyone’s schedules had gotten crazy, the family decided to all come here for a stay-cation.  Since there were no hotel costs, we used “the fund” to pay for our entertainment and filling our stomachs.

History in New Jersey

After a short detour to Southern California for some work meetings, our hop-scotch trip continued as we headed east to New Jersey.  It has been over a year since we were out to see the east coast “big city” family.  In between our visits they had moved, both graduated from their master’s programs and both started … Continue reading History in New Jersey

Deception Pass and Friday Harbor: Whidbey Island, WA Part 2

With our last two days along the coast, we took every opportunity to seek out and enjoy the unique sights of the Pacific Northwest and eat fresh seafood.  We managed to spend a day checking out the rest of Whidbey Island and a day exploring Puget Sound and Friday Harbor.  We even got in a … Continue reading Deception Pass and Friday Harbor: Whidbey Island, WA Part 2

Christmas in Tucson; Traditions New and Old

Wow, is it Christmas already? So hard to believe how fast time flies.  This year, for us, had quite a few firsts, as well as adopting some local traditions.  Our arrival in Tucson earlier in December went about as smooth as we could hope.  We are all settled down in our spot here at Davis-Monthan … Continue reading Christmas in Tucson; Traditions New and Old

An Unplanned Diversion: Fort Collins

Well, with our weather-induced detour and staying south, we were able to move our Rocky Mountain National Park reservations to the 18th, but that still left us with two days we needed to fill before we could arrive.  Here we were, on a Saturday morning trying to find a spot for Saturday and Sunday nights. … Continue reading An Unplanned Diversion: Fort Collins