Seven Falls and Cactus Forest Trail Hikes

Time for a little catch up blogging.  I am a little behind writing about our hiking adventures.  We had set goals of hiking once a week.  But like with many things, life has a way of modifying your goals.  Fortunately for us, the modifications were all for good things.  Old friends visiting, family visiting, and … Continue reading Seven Falls and Cactus Forest Trail Hikes

Holiday Traditions

We all have holiday traditions; some passed down to us by our parents, some we share with our extended families, and some we start on our own - like making cookies, opening a single gift on Christmas Eve, trimming the tree, watching Christmas movies.  You get the idea.  Well one of the family traditions we … Continue reading Holiday Traditions

Hiking Season Begins: Saguaro National Park East

There is an old saying here in Tucson, “if you can’t stand the 100’s, you do not deserve the 70’s”.  Well, it’s not that we can’t stand the 100’s, it’s just we prefer them sitting around a pool with a cold drink.  On the contrary, the 70’s are made for hiking, and that time of year has … Continue reading Hiking Season Begins: Saguaro National Park East

Family Vacations

Every other year the past 10 years, we would escape the cold of the Midwest and head to the Florida Keys for a long weekend of sun, food, beaches, and hanging out.  But this year was a little different.  Since we had moved to Tucson and everyone’s schedules had gotten crazy, the family decided to all come here for a stay-cation.  Since there were no hotel costs, we used “the fund” to pay for our entertainment and filling our stomachs.

Back on the Trail – Finally

These last two months of moving in and getting settled in our house has wrecked havoc on our leisure activities.  Golfing, hiking, exploring and date nights were shelved for unpacking, sorting, hanging pictures, construction and installs.   Feeling completely exasperated with the sense of being held prisoner in our own home, we made a breakout escape … Continue reading Back on the Trail – Finally

Hiking, Theater, Playing Golf, and Lunar activities

It has been a busy week here in Tucson.  Besides our usual weekly trips to check on the progress of the house, daily walks, happy hours, and just sitting out enjoying the weather, we did manage to accomplish a couple of our favorite activities. The week started out with a great hike in Saguaro National … Continue reading Hiking, Theater, Playing Golf, and Lunar activities

Flying, Friends, and Art

Many of you following our blogs probably notice that most of our Arizona posts are about our hikes and outdoor activities or maybe bragging about the wonderful weather we have here. You probably think that is all we do here. To the contrary, when we are here living in our motorhome, we also are doing … Continue reading Flying, Friends, and Art