Flying, Friends, and Art

Many of you following our blogs probably notice that most of our Arizona posts are about our hikes and outdoor activities or maybe bragging about the wonderful weather we have here. You probably think that is all we do here. To the contrary, when we are here living in our motorhome, we also are doing … Continue reading Flying, Friends, and Art

Another Week, Another Hike

Well, another week has passed and yet again we somehow managed to find a nice day for another hike in southwest Arizona. 🙂 We have decided that since our eventual house is located on the far east side of Tucson, that while we are here in our RV at Davis-Monthan, we should focus our next … Continue reading Another Week, Another Hike

New Year’s Day Hike: Another new tradition

2018 started off with a bang.   Literally.  A couple of old fogies, we went to bed well before midnight.  We did get to wake up at midnight to ring in the new year thanks to the fireworks all around town.  So we kissed, said Happy New Year and went back to sleep! Ha-Ha! Apparently … Continue reading New Year’s Day Hike: Another new tradition