"It's a dangerous business, Frodo, going out your door. You step onto the road, and if you don't keep your feet, there's no knowing where you might be swept off to." Bilbo Baggins

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Fall in the UK 2022 Edition – South Coast

The second phase of our trip was to the south.  Just two hours southwest of Farnham is the town of Bridport.  Our plan was to visit the coast, hike some of the Southwest Coast Path, enjoy some seafood, and generally just relax. Bridport is two miles from the coast.  All the towns directly along the coast

Fall in the UK 2022 Edition – Farnham

Late this fall, we were once again fortunate to have an opportunity to visit the UK.  Craig had some work in the southern area of Surrey and Jennifer decided to come along and explore some new areas.  As you may have read in our previous posts, our past visits have taken us to Devon, Cornwall,

Colorado – Fall in Breck

This fall we made our recuring fall migration to the Rocky Mountains and the yellow aspens of Breckenridge.  Counting backwards it was our 5th visit to Breckenridge, one of our favorite places, especially in the fall.   With its crisp fall mountain air, Breckenridge is our break from the heat of the desert and gives us

Fall in the UK Part 7: London

Amazing how fast time can go by.  Hard to believe we had been in the UK almost 3 weeks.  After our wonderful and busy time in Yorkshire, it was time to start getting ready to head home.  As we have done in previous visits, we stayed in London a couple days to wind down, get

Fall in the UK Part 6: Goathland

Warning Part 2:  We enjoyed our time in Yorkshire immensely and thus once again this a longer than normal post.   Our Yorkshire exploration continued as we headed east to the Moors.   After a fine time in the Dales, we were looking forward to expanding our time into the Moors.  The area is one of

Fall in the UK Part 5: Grassington

Warning:  We enjoyed our time in Yorkshire immensely and thus this a longer than normal post. 🙂 After a week of work, getting reacclimated to driving on the left side of the road, and just our general adjustment to the time change, we were ready to start exploring.  So off we went to Yorkshire.  Yorkshire

Fall in the UK Part 4: Salisbury

This was our third visit to Salisbury in recent years. It was also, once again, the impetus for our visit to the UK. As before, Craig had a week of work meetings and Jennifer spent the week walking, touring, and taking advantage of the nice weather. Salisbury is most famously known for its 13th century

Fall in the UK Part 3: Oxfordshire

After our day at Warner Brothers Studios we had a day and a half before we had to in in Salisbury, so we decided to spend it in Oxfordshire near where we used to live.  We did not have big plans, just a relaxing weekend to enjoy the area and some down time.  We stayed