Seven Falls and Cactus Forest Trail Hikes

Time for a little catch up blogging.  I am a little behind writing about our hiking adventures.  We had set goals of hiking once a week.  But like with many things, life has a way of modifying your goals.  Fortunately for us, the modifications were all for good things.  Old friends visiting, family visiting, and … Continue reading Seven Falls and Cactus Forest Trail Hikes

Holiday Traditions

We all have holiday traditions; some passed down to us by our parents, some we share with our extended families, and some we start on our own - like making cookies, opening a single gift on Christmas Eve, trimming the tree, watching Christmas movies.  You get the idea.  Well one of the family traditions we … Continue reading Holiday Traditions

Hiking Season Begins: Saguaro National Park East

There is an old saying here in Tucson, “if you can’t stand the 100’s, you do not deserve the 70’s”.  Well, it’s not that we can’t stand the 100’s, it’s just we prefer them sitting around a pool with a cold drink.  On the contrary, the 70’s are made for hiking, and that time of year has … Continue reading Hiking Season Begins: Saguaro National Park East

Family Vacations

Every other year the past 10 years, we would escape the cold of the Midwest and head to the Florida Keys for a long weekend of sun, food, beaches, and hanging out.  But this year was a little different.  Since we had moved to Tucson and everyone’s schedules had gotten crazy, the family decided to all come here for a stay-cation.  Since there were no hotel costs, we used “the fund” to pay for our entertainment and filling our stomachs.

History in New Jersey

After a short detour to Southern California for some work meetings, our hop-scotch trip continued as we headed east to New Jersey.  It has been over a year since we were out to see the east coast “big city” family.  In between our visits they had moved, both graduated from their master’s programs and both started … Continue reading History in New Jersey

Earthquake Lake

This trip to Yellowstone has really been diverse for us.  Besides our efforts to see some of the “off-the-beaten-path” stuff and doing new things we had not done before at Yellowstone, we also set out to explore the area outside Yellowstone.  In the north, we did the Beartooth Highway. During our travels these last few weeks, … Continue reading Earthquake Lake

Canyons and Geysers: Yellowstone Part 3

It was a great stay in Gardiner and we had a wonderful time in the north part of the park.  But it was time to move and see the other areas of the park.  We repositioned to West Yellowstone and set out to see the sights and features that are some of the most well-known … Continue reading Canyons and Geysers: Yellowstone Part 3

Exploring North Yellowstone: Yellowstone Part 2

After a few days of searching out wildlife and driving ourselves dizzy on mountain roads, it was time to see the sights and features of the northern part of Yellowstone. The area around Mammoth Hot Springs is known for its terraced hot springs and old Army post.  There is also the Tower area more on … Continue reading Exploring North Yellowstone: Yellowstone Part 2