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Kansas City: Sophia – Midwest Trip Part 2

Part 2 of our Midwest trip was actually Reason #1: to see our granddaughter, Sophia.  Oh, and her parents as well J. We spent a wonderful week in the Kansas City area visiting, playing, snuggling and even some touring.   We had the added bonus of seeing our younger son, Matthew, and his wife, Sydney, there as well.  It really was wonderful to have the entire family together, all seven of us.


As we are traveling in our motorhome and the temperature was in the low 90’s, a full hook-up spot with 50-amp power was a necessity.   After reading a lot of reviews and looking for a park close to Sophia’s house we settled on Worlds of Fun Village.  Though it was about 20 minutes away, it was the closest park, and the commute was not bad. It was a very nice, clean and quiet park, and we recommend it if you are in the KC area. It was probably on the quiet side as school was back in session and the amusement park was not running 24/7!IMG_4325

Sophia is about 6 weeks old, and just absolutely the cutest baby ever.  We are afraid we are turning into “those” grandparents!  She is on a pretty regular schedule of feed, play, nap.  Even at this newborn age, she is great about being laid down in her crib for naps, except when Grandma and Grandpa are there. All she talked about was how much she wanted us to hold her. JIMG_0116IMG_0120IMG_0158IMG_4448

As I mentioned, our son and his wife from NJ were also there to see Sophia.  They were only able to stay a couple of days, sucks to work for a living. JBut they made the most of their time with her; holding and talking to her.  They even got a chance for some garden tomato BLTs and sweetcorn.IMG_0174IMG_4426IMG_0113IMG_0124IMG_0161

We also all went out to eat with her at Parlorin downtown Kansas City. Parlor is a really unique set of individual food stalls all in a renovated downtown building with an eclectic atmosphere.  It is like a bunch of food trucks, but all inside the same building.  It was very cool.IMG_0139

Our time with Sophia was pretty much spent doing what grandparents do; spoiling her.  She got held for her naps, held for playtime, and pretty much held the entire time. J We were privileged to babysit for a couple hours one evening and again one morning and we had a great time with her. She grew so much in just the short time of our visit.  She is so alert to her surroundings and getting so responsive to sounds, motion and even faces. She just lights up when she sees her daddy and mommy.IMG_4415IMG_4449

On Saturday, we went to the National World War I museum.  It was a very sobering experience.  They have a magnificent memorial tower with wonderful views of the city and surrounding area. The exhibit hall is full of information, displays and items that really bring the war alive on a personal level.


As an added bonus of our trip to KC, we met with our life-long friends Bob and Nancy.  Craig and Bob were best man at each other’s weddings, and we have continued to remain close since. With our move last year, and work schedules, it had been a while since we all had been together.


We had such a wonderful time and so much fun. It never seems like visits last long enough, and good-byes get harder with each passing year. We will see both the KC and NJ Harms in different locales on separate visits in Oct. so not too long to wait this time.

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  • Anker
    August 16, 2019 at 11:19 am

    Great pictures! Good memories!

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