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Rio Grande Valley: Texas Part 3

The whole reason for us to go to Texas was to see Jennifer’s Dad and Judy.  All our little diversions on the way there and on the way back were just that, side trips on the way to our true destination, the Rio Grande Valley. Those of you not familiar with the Valley, it is an area in the deep southern tip of Texas including McAllen and Harlingen.  It is a warm, humid climate year-round, just what her Dad likes.  It is a mecca for “Winter Texans” escaping the cold and snow of the north.

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This trip, like our past ones, was spent simply; just enjoying each other’s company.  Sure, we ran some errands, and checked-off a few things on the to-do-list. But mainly we sat on the back patio enjoying the nice weather and watching the martins.

They live on a golfcourse in an active adult community.  Active may be an understatement for their group.  Seems there are socials every night, water volleyball, golf, cards, dances, clubs, no end to things to keep the residents busy and “active”. 


For us though, on this trip, it was a pretty simple existence.  Coffee and breakfast on the patio in the mornings.  Afternoons on the patio eating salsa and having a drink.  Dinner on the patio, followed by evening coffee on the patio. See a trend here??


Jennifer’s high school friend, Deanna, lives in the same area, just a few communities down the road.  So Jennifer took off one afternoon to spend happy hour with her.  It was great for them to catch up and share stories about old times.


Time with family is always a great opportunity to catch-up on old stories, and to learn about past family history.  Our talks this time were no different.  We learned a lot about Jennifer’s grandfather, his service during World War I and his life in Iowa.  Turns out both of us had grandfathers who fought in the War-to-End-All-Wars.


We really enjoyed our time in the valley and cannot wait until the next visit.

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  • TravelmanNH
    May 19, 2019 at 2:48 am

    Visits like that are priceless! As they say, slowing down and smelling the roses, is always a good thing. My mom lived to a ripe old age of 104 and living in her home. Visiting and talking on a weekly basis was an inspiration! Thanks for sharing.

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